Monday, August 11, 2008

Psycho Test II

This man knits his sculptures. He is actually one of the naive artists who have been finally discovered after they life long struggle with life and art. His name is Alfred Stief, he is a German and our friend in Berlin, who is involved with naive art and art brut has visited him to be able to promote him on the art fair AND SHE HAS A NICE PIECE BY HIM. Even nicer than those on the pictures here that are downloaded from the internet. I say nicer but it is actually as nice as the color one in the third picture (it was the garter stitch and the way the colors mingle in it that attracted me) but the sexual sign has been delicately removed or hidden so that it could have been shown on the art fair in US. :)


raining sheep said...

Those are amazing pieces...I am astounded. Although made out of an age-old technique - knitting - they look so modern - you will laugh at this but I call that type of sculpture 'sexy ugly' - so in other words the sculptures are not pretty but they are absolutely astounding.

Merruli said...

That's amazing what an artistic mind can make with yarn and needles

c l a i r e l o d e r said...

thanks for the post - these are fab!