Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Domík and Kubík went to a puppet theatre

A picture from a puppet show that we went to see last night. A scene from Bethlehem, Virgin Mary and the Angel of Annunciation and a little Devil who has mend his way, both above her. Very artsy play, kids liked it though, laughing and stamping, and the stage design was very playful and well done. The kids could go at the end and TOUCH the puppets. There was even a little snowman in the nativity scene.

So, part of the play was a bowl with two nut shells with candles floating on water. It is actually traditional Christmas stuff here (maybe somewhere else too) and it so common that I forgot about the beauty of it. So this morning, breakfast unfinished, we made some.

Dominik loved it and he was at least throwing dirt in water as he was not allowed to touch the lit candles. Floating and then drowning nut shells have a symbolic of life but we don't mess up with it in our family. We just watch them.
I wonder if you make these little candles where you live and if it has its own symbolic there.


raining sheep said...

Oh I love this post. I remember my mom taking me to the puppet theater when I was little. There is absolutely nothing as divine as a Czech puppet play.

Jill said...

interesting about the candles in the nutshells. nothing like that here...i'm trying to think what could compare, but am drawing a blank. love the picture of the two boys holding sweet!

Merruli said...

The tradition with nut shells is a new one to me. Such a simple and beautiful tradition. We have a tradition of making racing turtles out of nut shells ( with paper and a string) and then having a contest with them, but I guess that's only in my family, not a real Finnish one.