Sunday, December 7, 2008

Healthy cookies at Žižkaperk

This is where we live. Different view of Prague then you might know. Part of the town built in the 19th century, settlement of workers and poorer people coming from villages. This view has changed only little since then, but today it has much more romantic atmosphere, just for the same reason: it hasn't changed much. Still, back in the 1980s it was considered quite lower class and poor living, the apartments were small and 90 per cent of people heated them with coal. Just imagine the cloud hovering above the place!
So, the big TV tower on the very left, spoiling the view of the church, is a proof that such things weren't in Gods plan. I kind of like it anyway, it is a crazy cosmic-like piece.
Click on the pic!

Cookies made of olive oil, maple syrup, flour, cocoa, nuts, chocolate, raisons. They where meant for Christmas but I cannot find them now!


raining sheep said...

Those look like they 'were' good cookies. What a lovely view of Prague. In Canada, nothing is that old and Calgary, well Calgary itself is barely a hundred years old. The oldest house still standing was built in 1905. Everything, absolutely everything is new here. Maybe that is why I love old things so much...they are rare. My parents never took anything with them when we escaped from the Czech Republic. all the old family heirlooms were taken by strangers.

Line said...

it is a beautiful city, indeed!

Ritva said...

great view! thank you. i have been in Prague.
love the city. i felt like i knew the places already.
strange feeling :)

Bohemian girl said...

I know some of the stories. I was born in 1972 but lived in cloud of ignorance, I didn't know anything about the 68 until the revolution, the only thing I was quite aware of was a strange ambiguity of our lives. And when things started to pop out around 1989 it was a shock for me, not only the reality but also the fact the SOMEONE kept me ignorant.
Right now I am reading diary of Jan Zábrana, Celý život, I don't know if you are familiar with this book but it is, among other things, full of hate against the establishment of the time. And it is a good reminder of what the things were like then. In case anyone tends to forget I recommend it.

Line and Ritva,
Prague is magic. That is essential about it. I have realized lately how the image of Prauge was formed in my head by films that I saw as a kid (I didnt grow up here). In the 60S it was always quite nice, lights of the city, modern civilization whereas in the 70s it had such an ecological undertone, living in the city is unhealthy and such, and it quite spoiled the image I had had. But I fought it by naming the enemy. :))