Friday, December 11, 2009

Ground Frost and his Fellow

We are waiting for snow and it is not coming. These two illustrations are from my favorite book from childhood: Christmas Fairy-tales. Not only I liked the pictures by Jágr (necessary to say I liked them rather when I got older) I also liked the stories which have mostly things and animals acting as real persons. They are funny. So far, my kid doesn't want to hear them. And I would like to reread them so much!

That link for Jágr is pretty interesting. When you click on a book, it opens three or four other illustrations from the same book.

Completely on different subject, I came across this nice shop, they call themselves a modern one with a vintage touch.


Francesca said...

How strange is it to find a czech(?) books in an asian book store?! Hope you get to reread them soon:)
PS did you notice that in that shop they have a "handmade" category?

Bohemian girl said...

Francesca, how on earth did you find that category?