Saturday, December 5, 2009


Trains don't go anymore through Žižkov. Now they have a tunnel to run through. I can't remember if it felt romantic or not to have trains behind the house, although our house is further from the track, it was kind of a strange experience to sit in one of the pubs there and to to feel the train crossing your back every 20 minutes. The place was shivering, glasses at the table moving slowly along.
For a year or so the rails are gone and the track has been turned into a bicycle path. They also pulled down one of the two bridges crossing diagonally the main street high above peoples' heads. I think that it is pity. The bigger one stayed. AND now, walking there, I can see what I wasn't allowed before.
What is it like to have an apartment under the roof there? It is some seventh floor or so, high and noisy, but what is the room there with those cubist windows shaped like?

Strange stairs, you will never see them from the street, this is taken from the bridge above the street. They look like they fall as soon as someone steps on them and see? They don't. Another strange thing is that they don't lead anywhere, there is no door at the bottom. Where is she going?
The back sides of the houses. The turned away faces.
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andrea tachezy said...

Mě se po Žižkově stýská každý týden cestou do nebo z Hradce. Hrozně ráda jsem nakukovala do životů skrz ta rozsvícená okna. No a ty schody... ty mi vždycky vrtaly hlavou :-)

Bohemian girl said...

Přes ten tunel to teď musí být hrozná nuda. Takže těch schodů jste si taky všimla.... Když snesli tu malou Hrabovku, hned jsem zapomněla, že tam byla, přiznám se, jenom jsem nevěděla, co se tam proboha změnilo... Jak člověk zapomene.

gini said...

oh hello bonjour!!!how are you???
thank you for your nice comment...your son looks so cuuute!
talk soon

xxx gini

Francesca said...

I love this post on the different prospective of elevated train tracks, both aestetically and visually, Magda. I had to google Zizkov, as from your first photo it seemed to be a rural location. I remember being in some city in the US (NY?), sitting in some cafe, and watching the trains ride above my head. From down below, sitting at my table, I loved it. And I can just imagine how interesting it must be to get views from above (those stairs don't look very safe at all!)

Bohemian girl said...

It was a great idea to Google Žižkov, Francesca, for me, because it still has the old train bridge and the new is under construction there. Which is a unique picture.

Bohemian girl said...

I know, it is funny, I get excited about such things.