Thursday, February 11, 2010

entre nous

Thank you all for the expressed sorrow over my lost pictures, but I was able to get them out. The computer is dead though and I will not have a new one untill summer. I think I can survive it, even my blogging venture will survive, without having to stop. It will not even harm my possible work, here and there, some translation and helping in the publishing house - if they keep a promise and give me a valuable work. I realized I cannot work full time being a mother, I didn't think about it untill now, after I found out there is no way how to get my kid to and from kindergarten and be on time at work. Not mentioning that kindergartens, the state ones, are full and I cannot actually put my kid in a kindergarten at all. Not mentioning that the kid cannot stay away from his mummy for very long.

So I will continue doing nothing on doctorate, apart from being a librarian every two weeks for three hours, embroider and do some work, here and there.

Entre nous, I am happy this will not affect our mornings with Domík, playing and doing little art projects for kids (mummies) and running errands together and having coffee breaks in cafes. We both love them.


la casita said...

I sympathize with's hard for mums these days, but children grow so fast and the time you spend with them is so precious. So enjoy your morning with your little one.
Have a nice weekend ^.^

Czina said...

well, librarian was my dream job for large part of my childhood. it does not seem so bad.

good luck with all.

Jill said...

well, i think you won't regret spending more time with dominic rather than working full time :) it's so nice to have that time with them when they are little, it goes by quick.
also a note on big cartel, cause i saw your comment on my blog, you can get a shop for free with just one image per listing or can upgrade to be able to add more photos for a bit more, but it's a flat rate per month, unlike etsy. i love the embroidered bag you posted!

Francesca said...

It took me years to write my thesis. I'd work on it primarily in the month in summer when my mother in law could help me with the kids. Kids and academic work don't go well together. Your entre nous mornings sound peaceful and lovely, I'm sure Dominik is very happy not to have to stay away from his mummy.

victoria said...

Your days sound lovely and relaxing. I think however it is possible to combine your career with your kids, you just need to take one day at a time.I agree that 100% working mum is not the best, I have reduced my work load to 70% which gives me the freedom to choose what I want to do each day (and how much). As long as you enjoy your work it doesn't matter how long it takes to complete it :)