Thursday, January 13, 2011

Folks and Brooch

I am happy you liked the previous post, maybe I can reveal some family history in few sentences here, I do not have many pictures though, let me find some and take pictures of the pictures.
My parents when they were twenty something, I guess. My dad was tall and skinny, it changed when he was around 40, after he had rebuilt a house for us he grew strong and became the most handsome dad in the vicinity. He has been nice and caring all his life, did not show much of a male self-conceit so typical here, which I appreciate a lot. I like looking at my parents in these pictures how they used to like hanging out together.

Last picture, an embroidered brooch that I made before Christmas, first it was a present for the kindergarten teacher but after I imagined her possibly perplexed expression I gave up. Domik likes it, however, and he made one for himself. Believe me, I will show you next time.


la casita said...

I might be wrong but I see alot of resemblance beetwen your dad and Dominik!
I like the brooch!

Francesca said...

The brooch is beautiful Magda, and I think the teacher would have appreciated it! Well, now you can wear it:)
That male self-conceit attitude is a fairly italian trait too - in some parts of italy, more than others, in my experience at least. Ciao!

Bohemian girl said...

I know and I think it is still a little different but it would be a long discussion, ha ha. We started this talk with my Italian teacher, and surprised about our completely opposite ideas we rather did not continue.

Dasha said...

Are there any brooches comming in the etsy or fler shop? There should be some, i think Magdi. I miss your presence on fler :)

gini said...

gorgeaou photos! i love the two of your grandma!!!

Bohemian girl said...

Díky, Dášo, mám tak málo času....

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