Tuesday, July 12, 2011






It is hard to write something short and concise about this trip. I have been still digesting my experience. And I still cannot put up with reality back at home. Prague is a country town compared to this delirious city. It is not only high and narrow houses with plants flowing down from balconies and busy city streets, scents of yummy food on every corner and always something nice to look at in shops and on the streets. Sense of fashion and sense of color and good taste. I have read somewhere that people living by the sea (compared to those without the sea, us) are confronted with something bigger then they are every day, horizon, the sea, something that exceeds them, and it influences their character. I was not there long enough to learn about people. I don't speak the language and I only guess what it is like to live there. I can only say that the life there must be more colorful.
Prague is my older lady, lazily rolling between quiet ponds.


Francesca said...

Nice post, nice photo of you and Domik, nice words - you've captured beautifully the perceptions and impressions that come from traveling, and experiencing and loving places from "the outside". The way you describe Barcelona, is just how I imagine it to be.

Heather said...

Barcelona was not on my travel "wish list" until now. Thank you for sharing.

Victoria said...

Yes traveling always put things in perspective, I think that is why it is so healthy to do it as often as one can. And you know, I thought about your comment on my blog and I think that even though Spain is going through a big economic crisis they are trying as best as they can to cover it up. The fear of loosing a major income source as tourism makes everyone try even harder to make things nice and appealing. Maybe this is a little of what you experienced as well? But Barcelona is beautiful yes :)

Victoria said...

Oh and I love that domik wears socks and sandals, I love to do that as well since moving to norway. In Spain they say it is only the tourists who do that :)

www.finelittleday.com said...

I've never been to the mainland of Spain. Barcelona sounds like a good place to start. What a nice photo of you two.

Alicia said...

I like a lot what you said about people living by the sea. It is an amazing thought. And yes, there are a lot of plants hanging on the balconies and nice shops to look at :)