Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barcelona II

The first picture was taken at the train station Barcelona Franca, it is an old bar from the 1960s, closed down and photographed through a glass door, the arches are actually in the main hall behind me. A little sign next to the door showed a bow tie and reminded me that back in those times people dressed more formally and perhaps more nicely.
2 - How do they maintain the plaster?
3 - Font that was hard to read. Gracia
4 - A medieval painting, part of a cycle depicting a story of a saint. Taken in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. One would think that it is a smaller collection of regional art. No. Although it does sometimes relates to the region, it is mainly a grand show of beautiful works.
5 - Cathedral.


Heather said...

Nice photos all around, but I am particularly fascinated by the building with flowery plaster. What a lovely facade!

Alicia said...

Incredible! My brother lives just in front of this bar! He used to work at this bar for the "festes de Gracia". El mundo es un pañuelo ;)