Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ill (meaning ill)

I got so ill this last weekend that I could not go back to Prague with my family. The guys went by themselves, they liked it more than they had expected, and I stayed at my parent's house. My dad was taking care of me. He cooked, made tea and kept telling that I should see the doctor. I had fever! On the last day of my quiet refuge I went with my dad to collect moss for the Christmas nativity scene. How romantic! It needs to be done by this time, before the snow starts falling. I felt somewhat rustic as I was divesting the soft moss carpet from the rocks, feeling little tiny roots tearing off the stone. I did not mind the natural dirt and mess of rotting tree needles, leaves, earth and dew, all crunching in my fingers. As a kid I used to be disgusted!


coco said...

how nice to spend time with your dad like that.

I hope you feel better soon.


Meyer-Lavigne said...

Hope you are better now and enjoyed some quiet days after all.