Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am visiting at my parents. These are pics from my dad's computer. He has such stuff there. They show taking down church bells during the Second World War in our little town. There is my dad at the age of three and my granddad in the first pic. The bells were from 1757 or something and they ended up as rifles on a battlefield. Sad. I like the second photo a lot, it doesn't show any people, only pair of human hands on the right pulling the rope and half of a statue on the other, action in the middle. For those who like recycling, the church in the second pic later got a bell from a church that had been pulled down in the 1950s as a water dam was built in the place where it stood. No less sad than the first case.


raining sheep said...

I love old bells. I got to ring the one's in my grandfather's village (Kobily) once, a long time ago :)

Ben Hall said...

What a great historical record. And he can say "look, I was there".