Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New apartment

We redesigned the apartment. New wallpapers, painted with pencils. Giant mushrooms in the room. Plants growing from sea shells. The plants throw shadows on the wall and create faces. Or one face. And one sea shell.

Yeah, yeah, I know, those mushrooms, my greatest sculptural achievement ever, that I have to include into pictures every now and then, so there is no way you would believe me I was showing you something life size in the first picture. Mushrooms, they are great props for photo shoot of any theme and subject.

I was actually getting tired of our handy craft weeks with Domík during his sick time. He is in school again and now I can start missing it from the beginning.


Ina Hattenhauer said...

Ha! These mushrooms are supercool! Did you make the top out of a sponge (with a felt layer?).

Francesca said...

We need to do some refurbishing too. :)
Glad your boy is well again!

Bohemian girl said...

Dear Ina,
yes, I made the hat of the mushroom of foam rubber and I covered the top with soft leather. Thanks, I am happy you like them.

ashley said...

haha! love this idea... how fun

Alicia said...

nice mushrooms!

Ben Hall said...

You had me going for a minute there :) I was imagining giant mushrooms in your living room, and you having to stoop to pass beneath them every time you went to the kitchen.