Thursday, February 21, 2013

Italy, to be continued

We were busy wanting to see everything. I don't know if the little guy ever goes with us again. He did not complain though. He only cried on one day when we were sick, laying in bed and getting our strength back together, then he cried that he wanted to go home badly. On the following day he was happily jumping around with us again. This is Verona.


Francesca said...

when it comes to sight seeing, my teen boys have become somewhat reluctant travelers, but they surprised us on our recent trip to Rome - they probably like sight seeing when they like the location!

Unknown said...

I read your entry about travelling to Rome. I am glad that they got into the ancient history. I will see what Domík will like and dislike when he gets to the same age. It is hard to balance what one likes with what the kid expects from the trip. I don't want to tire him out.