Thursday, February 14, 2013


Milano looks gloomy in the pictures and so it was while we visited because it rained and it was cold. But I liked the city and although I had been there before I had underestimated its charm. It is a city. And, I don't know why, sometimes I like gloomy atmospheres. Maybe because I can handle darker moods better now. However, I had also underestimated the cultural and artistic richness waiting for us in various churches. So much beautiful stuff! We did not see Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper but the churches, empty and with no tourists inside, were worth seeing.
Travelling to Padova on the following day.

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la casita said...

I lived in Milano for one year then I had to run away...though is a very busy city and full of things to do I couldn't get use to the weather and the gloominess + a lack of green spaces. But I do love to go there sometimes just for a weekend ( though hasn't been happening in years!).