Monday, August 12, 2013


This morning I had to buy a mushroom, a hair band, a basket and a clay head that the little guy had made during the art course, I had to buy all of this from the little guy who made up a devil plan on how to earn some money so that he could buy a sugar glider toy that he had seen in a Zoo and I did not get it for him, so he made up a plan and set a little shop in his room this morning before we even opened our eyes and came in the bedroom and whispered that we were going to buy his stuff. I laid and tried to sort out my mixed up feelings, shall I say What do you mean, buy, or: No, forget it, or: You know honey, is it a good idea, or: I'll get you your sugar glider, or: Fun, how much is this? Even his little bed was for sale but no one bought it. So I sad: Fun, how much .... He made 32 crowns on me and 10 crowns on his daddy who got a watercolour. So I suggested to the little guy that he can set up a shop with his cousins at his grandad's house, in the front door and they can try to sell their little paintings and dinkies and necklaces to passersby. I will see what the parents of the cousins will say, they will probably say: Forget it, what do you mean, a store?

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