Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So summery, omg

The last one: my parents and my brother. I looked at some old pictures at my parent's house. I like the oldest ones. They don't seem to be real. This is around 1970.

Other than that: The little guy went and was catching butterflies on a meadow above the town. So cute. Today he made a sling shot. His granddaddy (in the picture) was telling him about the one he had had as a kid. It was the little guy's day long project. First dreaming, then annoying parents with a constant asking for it, then going to the wood and looking for a good branch, then making it. My dad made it. And guess what, today they were selling pieces of rubber on the square, just for sling shots. Are they still around or how come?

The smoke there on the picture is a steam coming from the forests after rain, of course.

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