Friday, April 11, 2014

Fish problem

We had fish for dinner, kind of frustrating experience for the whole family, I am afraid, the fish twisted on the pan and I could not fry it and I did not know how to solve it.... I am not going to say more, we ate it, we had dinner in the end. Meanwhile, I dont know if this was a coincidence, the little guy started to draw sharks. I have to say they are pretty good. Maybe it was a drawing therapy to deal with mummy's freak-out. A short freak-out. I managed to smile in the end. So that is the fresh and incredibly interesting news from our part.
Now the pictures:
Fish, again, project, a theater in which Domik and I will take a part. If we ever finish it.
4th picture - I like a lot, it represents the Big Bang. He has a whole series on the theme of the Universe.
The two last ones are from my home town, we are into long walks now around the city. Domik looks like a little elegant boy jogging in the last picture.

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The shark drawing is amazing, love it :)

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