Sunday, October 5, 2014

October at home


The life is going on here. The little guy needs to go to the zoo. He is an animal expert. I went to the zoo for the first time when I was 8. He already knows everything. The other time he taught his class that lamas defend themselves by spitting. The teacher was amazed. She didn't know, too.On top of everything he can read what I am writing here. He is sitting on my lap and is reading everything out loud few seconds after I write it. It gets annoying. He is a sweet guy.

1. missing tooth
2. remembrance of summer, a pie from the Chod country
3. a present, wrapping is the little guy's work
4. a bag with a patchwork applique that I made
5. poster for the theater play Michelangelo from the 1970s - on that another time
6. kid's drawings
7. hidden life inside of the toy box
8. hidden life inside of the book shelf 

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