Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lucca, Volterra, Pisa

We went to Italy, again. We chose the hottest week in the year and in the several past years. I am not sure about the future. Of course, I have known that it doesn't make sense to travel to Italy in July, it is too hot and tourists ruin everything for you. Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa is probably pretty miraculous but everybody before you has already discovered it, that is what you realize when you finally make it there. I took a picture of the tower not leaning. Where are those deserted towns that I visited ten years ago in early spring? Anyway, we stayed in Lucca and travelled to Volterra, Pisa and the sea. The bus ride to the spiaggia libera was an exercise in social consciousness and compassion, I am not joking. The bus always had the same pattern of travellers: one Czech family and beach vendors from Africa. We bought a beach umbrella from one of them but that probably didn't help the world.

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