Sunday, June 15, 2008

Memory of my Family




Old slides from 1970s. They have such a romantic atmosphere that they illustrate perfectly how memories of our childhood resonate in us: the trees were bigger, the grass was greener and the sky bluer... My mum has a dreamy air of a film star and my brother is immersed in happiness. The setting is like 19th century.
The last picture shows me when I was something like 4 years old. Check out the amazing plastic tablecloth (I wish we still had it, but of course it had to be cut up and used for something useless)! The picture is actually badly taken but now it has what it requires: unfocused picture, memories long gone. You won't make one like that today with digital camera. Or maybe you will but I have no idea how.
(Was going to post my new dress, but the photo scared me out. Next time!)


Marie blablog said...

how our digital pictures will look in 30 years ?
i like your blog, and the choose ok books, go on !

Bohemian girl said...

Well, that is true, they might not even exist at all... I promise more books!

raining sheep said...

So wonderful...I have pictures of when I was little in the '60s that my dad took in black and white. He had to give up smoking to buy a camera...good trade. I love looking at old pictures too...the only thing is that my memory of the Czech Republic is all in black and white.

Jill said...

these pictures are magical...they take me to another world, another time.

Liivia said...

I LOVE these fotos!!!

Bohemian girl said...

Thanks, I will tell my dad, he will be proud!