Sunday, September 14, 2008

Out in the World

We took a walk to a few gardens in Prague that are usually closed to public. Today was a special day and some of them were open. I had walked past them many times, often wondered what it was like inside and I was finally surprised today that nothing special is hiding inside. Except for the one, the garden of Černin Palace (1, 3), up on Loretánské náměstí, it is a grand one, we felt French just being there. The second picture is a view of an orchard right in the heart of Prague, a monastery in the background, this place attacked me with its beauty already long time ago. The monastery has a hidden garden as well, the fourth picture, it is up on the hill and from this view it gives a feeling that it is on a sea shore, well, if you pretend you don't see the hill on the sky-line. Prague is nice. Little bit windy and touristy.


Esti said...

I'd love to visit Prague sometime in the future!

Merruli said...

Thanks for the walk in your beautiful city. You really seem to have the summer still going on there.

Bohemian girl said...

Esti, hurry on before you will meet only tourists in the entire historical center. In the early 90s, when I moved here I could still see grannies around walking their dogs and kids coming home from school but today I feel like tourist myself when I "loose my way" here occasionally.
you wouldn't believe, but it was the first very cold day, although the sky was blue, we were freezing with the wind. Now I regret what I had said about the summer earlier.