Friday, January 30, 2009

Knit Machine

For some knit bloggers this harvest would be a result of a week, but I gave it several months, in the case of the sweater even a year. So this beautiful Noro knit is being developed thanks to raining sheep who sent me three skeins of this finest Cash Island brand, col No 12, just like that (I have finally something for you, too, just you wait...). I started a front part of a sweater and for the back and sleeves I will have a yarn of similar colors, the same like I did it when I knit the Noro sweater for Domík.

My first hat ever. Numero Uno Tweed, virgin wool, made in Italy, how fancy! I have knit lots of complicated sweaters but never a hat. So I gave it a try. Cast on 86 stitches, 4 needles size 4,5, proceeded straight up, finished somehow. Nevertheless, turned out pretty well for a beginner.

And here we have a sweater that my beloved husband wished he had had from me. I didn't dare to experiment, it had to turn out perfect. I went and looked up a pattern in this Verena magazine winter 2007/2008 and followed it closely. I am not sure if he likes it. He says he does.
Needles size: 5, yarn: lovely acrylic wool.

Gloves for my niece. Once again, first gloves in my FO's. I guess, you can see that. Yarn Austermann Smaragd Classic Color, needles 4,5, pattern watched closely in the Verena winter 2008/9. This yarn is beautiful but maybe on something else then these gloves. For example check out these.

Check out also my mom's leg warmers that she whipped out after I had presented myself with these pink ones.


Anonymous said...

I like the hat, and I really like your pattern ... the "somehow" is so much like my own knitting projects!Francesca

Bohemian girl said...

Yes, I actually looked up a pattern but was lazy to look in it as I was knitting. I would like to see some of your projects, do you have them somewhere on line?

Merruli said...

Great knits, especially the sweater for your husband. The legwarmers have all my favorite colors combined.

Once again I have too many knitting projects simultaneously - so none of them seems to be getting ready.

Katie said...

Lots of very different projects! I've actually just taken up knitting and am still in the scarf stage, so it's very inspiring to look at what kind of things I might be making in the future!

raining sheep said...

Beautiful knitting. I like the knit you made for your husband, the pattern is interesting. That Noro is turning out really nice, the colors are knitting up beautifully. I can't wait to see the finished product.