Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little creatures

My friend has this cool mirror in his house, he made it. While you get ready in the morning you can contemplate what you resemble more, the woman or the little monsters.

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Creatures in our house. The guy who sold it to us in an antique shop in Munich said it comes from Baden-Baden, turn of the century. Somehow it is hard to believe. It could be as well as it doesn't have to be, how did he come across such a provenance? Those who made it definitely hadn't seen an elephant before or at least had never drawn it. Oriental-like pieces were popular back then but would someone in Germany make it so that it looked exactly like folk piece from Orient? I doubt it. Then these were also popular during the hippie era in the 60s, but I imagine it would have had more of a funky taste if it was a hippie piece, the same situation. The border embroidery is in a kind of European folk style, could be German, but all the rest? No way, this is Orient. Still, the mystery remains unsolved. It looks nice up there on the wall, that is for sure.


Francesca said...

Some strange creatures indeed! I like the way you deviced to hung up that embroidery work. I agree, the makers had never seen an elephant ... nor a woman: is it my low resolution screen, or those women have bird faces?!?

Bohemian girl said...

Yes, they have bird faces. It could be interesting to look up some original orient tapestries and see how some of the motives changed in the hands of European embroiderers.

Merruli said...

The mirror is quite a unique piece.

The story of your wall cloth is a mystery indeed. It reminds me of some images from the inner parts of Asia. You are a lucky girl to have it on your wall.

Ritva said...

great wall cloth!

ps. did you get my email?

raining sheep said...

Tee hee, I love the naked woman... the mirror is so great!