Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stripes and Checks

I don't know about other mums, but I don't miss my son's baby years. Or at least not yet. Having older nieces in the family and encountering their fits and changing personalities, I had thought that nostalgia for baby that doesn't move all day would begin earlier. Well, an own kid is just different. He is still cute. He still gives me beautiful innocent looks, even more beautiful than before. He starts speaking. We have short dialogs of four lines. Although he asks for my attention all the time, it is easier to please him. Now, when he can do and play stuff. The best play is at peeling onion or husking peas, then I have off.
Other things I like doing with him are cut-outs, simply paper and scissors. He likes watching me and I like concentrating on some hand work. This cut-out in the third picture pretends to be the Universe with the Sun in the middle and the Earth, an unknown planet, a comet and UFO going round it. Our home gets slowly filled with this little clumsy and useless stuff.


Francesca said...

Do I miss my kids baby years? Newborns are lovely and cuddly when they are asleep, and my kids hardly ever slept. Even considering all the health problems and worries, I have enjoyed my youngest
s baby years more than my boys': it was one of the perks of being an older parent! But I also do enjoy the more complex personality evolving out of the basic needs baby! ANd it's so nice to interact with a child, and start doing things together: I'm at that stage too!

Junika said...

I do not miss baby years of my kids. Not atleast with my older kids. The youngest is still so little and I missed 5 months of her years (because I had to be in other city at hospital with my doughter, who has cancer) -- so it may be, that I will miss her baby years some day...

I think it is fascinating and lovely to see how kids crow up and become own personalities. Babies are, in my thoughts, a bit too demanding.

state of bliss said...

My baby girl is almos 4 months old and I do so enjoy this time. But to be honest, although it's a wonderful time for me as a mummy I can't wait until she's around 15-20 months as I think I will enjoy even more. I can't wait to do all sorts of stuff with her- drawing and reading, playing with playdough and talking.

The Universe you both made is wonderful. I can't wait to fill up our flat with the things that Gaia will make.

Have a great week,