Friday, August 14, 2009

All different stuff

Something I have been messing up with lately - embroidering birds. I have more of them coming up, this one is finished completely, ready to go in the world. It is a little change of direction in my embroidering for the shop, although I didn't abandon sashiko forever. I will see where it will lead me. The following one I made is little bit better done, I improved but I like this one how it is imperfect. I call him a bird - molecule.

A book I made for Domik. It is still under process. He helps me with it, to shape paper and glue it. I like these two very early pictures the best. With the others that I didn't take a picture of you can say I too much concentrated on having it cute and nice.

Sweater that my niece's grandma made for her. It is all from leftovers and they both consider it a sweater to be worn inside, a play sweater or good for house work. Which is a pity. Some of the yarns are tough when you touch them, but visually, this sweater HAS IT.


Francesca said...

It's nice to change directions and explore new possibilities: go where your needle takes you:)! What an excellent idea to make a collage book, we'll do that too, thank you! (about birds and collages: my older son was into hornitology for years, and he made lots of bird collages - two circles and a little triangle - my husband's office is still wall papered with them!)

victoria said...

I'm liking those birds. You are lucky Dominic is helping you with that book, each time I try to do some "art" with Matias he ends up eating the glue stick or the pieces of paper end up all over the house :)

Cate said...

how lovely your little book is. i love that first image, the abstract. collage-ing is a favorite around our home, but we have never tried making a book together. all very inspiring!

Fine Little Day said...

The book looks so very beautiful. Inspiring.