Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Corner view / not accomplished

I am taking a detour today from our corner view, I have a good excuse for it, although I think the theme was pretty neat. I don't have a mobile with a camera and no one has called me since the last corner view when I was on the street. So this picture is from the opening of a new apartment building round the corner from my house. It is very posh and hyper modern but what is it doing in old Žižkaperk? No, no, I am not going to complain about the intervention of the modern into the old, it is just that people who buy these apartments they wouldn't go in dirty old Žižkov with an apparent criminal activities going on under some business around the place, cheap bistros, strange types hanging out on the corner and pawnshops open all night for little thieves to sell their just stolen stuff. On the picture it looks nice, doesn't it? From the aesthetic point of view, I can't complaint, neither about the town nor the new building.


Jodi said...

I love it. very accurate and funny. love the not compaining. i hope you "not" complain about it again. I'd love to see the street shots of the activity still happening and the shiny new building sitting there quivering!

Francesca said...

It'll probably be a change: as new posh people move in, the feel and the life of the neighborhood will change.
PS "posh people", I was just about to write "yuppies", but then I realized that I hadn't heard this term used in ages. Are there an extinct species?

Bohemian girl said...

It will change. For some reason, apartments around here are very expensive although they are kind of small and the neighborhood is still what it is. It is close to the center, that is what seems to be the advantage.