Friday, May 7, 2010

Where is the street, where are the cars?

The other day me and Domik stepped away from our regular path and turned into this winding and little steep road paved with coble stones and lined with trees and gardens. For me it is a charming piece of Prague, as if it was some strange fold that kept the 19th century in itself. One reason is that it is a protected area for natural sights. It is a village inside of Prague. My friend lives here. She lives in a garden similar to one of these, in a kind of a cottage house, with her growing family.
Mummy, mummy, give me a hand! Mummy, where is the street, where are the cars? Domik chattered as we started to climb up. So his view of home, place where he feels save, is already determined. How can he feel uncomfortable in such a poetic spot? No cars, no people! That is it. It is empty, no sign of motion, too many hiding places where weird creatures can poke their heads out and who knows what else!


at swim-two-birds said...

hard to believe this is Prague!
that garden in the bottom photo is like paradise :-)

la casita said...

what a beautiful place is this...I love to discover hidden passageways or places that seems out of the context in a town, here in England is not so unusual.
Domik reaction is quite natural, I mean, children feel safe in their everyday environment and routine.
When we went on holiday to Egypt, Anita lived on bread, milk and ketchup for the first 4 days...she tought the food there was too different so she refused to try it, although at home she eats lots of different kind of food, like japanese, indian and so on...I mean we don't stick to a mediterranean diet.
The fact that she was in a totally different environment made her suspicious!

Francesca said...

Today is one of those days where I also feel I'd feel more at home where cars and people are. It'd be nice to have both, like your friend: a quiet garden in the middle of a city.

Bohemian girl said...

I know what you mean, Francesca, I tried a village myself and although I come from a small town and there were gardens and kind of low houses, I didn't jump in the grass barefoot and didn't dream staring at distant horizon.