Monday, February 14, 2011


An art therapeutic machine, that is what we painted yesterday. It happened coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, while the little guy experimented with mixing up different colors I painted a sampler (top painting in the first picture) which Domík thought of as a machine. Again! So I made a nicer one and Domík did too (the two other paintings in the first picture). And together they make one, a freaky one. However, I still have not chased out the marble machine phantom from our family.

Domík got a nice rucksack for his birthday, from Chicken Rhythm, it was a give away on Fine Little Day, I was lucky. By the way, the company sells really cool t-shirts and patches with machines.

I am planning an outing, so far only in my head.


Alicia said...

oh, I love your machines!

Trula said...

I like your paintings. Painting with kids is amazing.