Friday, April 8, 2011


On one of the last visits at my parents Dominik and me climbed the attic, opened a mysterious wooden trunk (yes, an old fashioned well made trunk with a bulging lid) and there they were, my old toys. Honestly, I had made the first inquiry some years ago and pulled out this cat among other things. I had lot of stuff, that is for sure. I played a lot with my cousin, we had quite developed games that only the two of us could enjoy. We played with little dolls and had all the furnishing and little tiny things that we could get in store for them. Which, on the other hand, was not that much. So we also made what we could not get. For example I found little carpets that I had personally weaved at a little kid's loom (you could get that) and weeny teeny paper dolls for my normal dolls painted from both sides.

And among all that junk there were these guys, a variant of the German Playmobil. Together with a baby doll house with a carefully selected parts of furniture and dolls these Igráčci, that is what we cal them, were taken down and were honored by the little guy to be taken back to Prague with him.
All of them used to have little belongings, depending on the job they performed. Oh well, that is left for another visit to my parents house.


catja said...

Oh, Igráčci used to be one of my favourite toys! I remember doctor with nurse and "medical trolley" with medicine and injection :-) I must look for it at my parents... Have a nice Sunday, catja

raining sheep said...

My boys had play mobil characters; it was some of their favorite toys. I was not allowed to take anything with me when we escaped from the Czech Republic - we were only allowed two bags for my mom and us two girls so no room for toys. I don't remember many of my toys but there are a few that I wish I still had as a reminder of my childhood.

Alicia said...

I used to play with these playmobil too. I try my daughter to play whit them too, but it doesn´t works... She prefers computer games :(

Bohemian girl said...

How much time a day does she spend at the computer playing games? And how old is she? At certain age it is inevitable, I think, to set the limit is good.