Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Telephone pics

These are mobile phone pics. I picked especially those scattered, unfocused, grainy because such an imperfection belongs to the mobile phone photography. Snapped in a hurry and awkwardly. My little guy took some of them. But the first and third one, those capture the view the way it really looked, on one misty morning at the 1980s housing estate in winter on top of it. Prosek is the only cool looking housing estate that I know in Prague. It was build with love for this type of houses and urban planning, I dare to say.


Alicia said...

lovely photos. Are you going to the sunny spain for summer holidays? (I remmember a comment you did) ;)

Bohemian girl said...

We are going to Barcelona and to the coast for ten days in June. I know it will be hot already but we cannot go earlier. However, I cannot wait.

Victoria Gonzalez said...

Barcelona is beautiful and June is a nice time to go. I think the hottest is August. I am using my phone camera a little more often now that I dont have my big camera anymore. Its kind of fun.