Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Vibes

Yesterday I saw my cousin, the one I used to play with as a kid. We agreed that the most romantic and film-like summer holiday was the one when we were 13 or 14 and we spent it with a friend of us, Lenka, at her grandma's on a farm. Oh Lenka, she had it so good there! We just showed up one day and stayed few days and had the nicest time. It was on the edge of being little girls yet allowed to go out on their own, we were running around like kids and we imagined we had adventures in what we though was the real world. The setting was perfect, farm house, geese, pond, striped blankets in the window, great grandma on bed in the kitchen, rich fields and the cloudless sky. We were completely free and we had each other.

I do not see my cousin so much nowadays but she has a good influence on me, I always get some positive vibe from her. Maybe it is a feeling of security of home.

(I did not mean to be pathetic today.)


la casita said...

: D you are not pathetic!
oh sweet memories of the teen days...happy weekend Magda, have a nice one.
PS: granma had a bed in the kitchen? : D

Francesca said...

I occasionally get flushes of memories from way back, when time and opportunities seemed unlimited - was it me, is it still me somewhere?
Happy Easter weekend!

thora said...

I like your blog and have linked to it on my own blog, hope you don't mind! Happy Ester from

Alicia said...

pathetic?? this is a brilliant post!

Victoria Gonzalez said...

Look at your little guy! So big already and I love his colorful t-shirt.I have also fond memories of my summers spent in Scotland in the woods. I hope my boys have something like that too.