Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What next?

My husband asked me to knit him a sweater. He actually does not care about me knitting a sweater, he would like to have a colourful splashy sweater that would be hand made. Probably hand made for him by his wife. Maybe he does care about that. He has made few designs. He is good in that. This one, the lower one, has come out from some doodling with the little guy. I really like it, although it looks like a view of a crazy knitting project with yarn and knitted pieces than a real pattern. But it can work as a pattern too.

Talking about patterns, I recall those that I made some twenty years ago and kind of laughed at them at this blog some time ago. They are very 80s, abstract, colourful and angular. They start growing on me. Have a look.


Merruli said...

Your boys pattern looks like a lot of color fun - and serious counting of stitches. Colors of 80's look good again, but hopefully the shoulder patches of 80's never will.

la casita said...

Oh how sweet, have fun knitting the 80's revival sweater, Merruli is right you must avoid the padded shoulders!