Wednesday, February 13, 2008

psycho test of my 1980s

I came across these designs for sweaters that I made sometime in 1990. I was going to knit it! Luckily, the fashion changed from this 80s artsy diagonal discotheque style to somewhat more rural and natural. I made a bunch of them but honestly only these three are worth showing. In fact, I really like them now, the time proved them. And, of course, the overall nostalgia for the 80s that's back has its part on it. Anyway, I don't think I am going to turn them into real, I find them more as a kind of my psychological test of the time.
So, the other day I came over this sweater on someones blog. It's by Scandinavian Marimekko and of course can't be compared to my poor designs, it's much more beautiful.

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Alicia said...

they are very 80s! I can imagine somebody on a videoclip wearing them :)