Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New tenant

It is actually one of the three Magis. He appeared here after a visiting to a workshop at the kid's theatre, the little guy goes there almost every weekend now. I appreciate that he likes it. The stuff they make is pretty easy looking and it is good. They make whatever is within the little kids abilities. Unlike in his kindergarten I must say. But about that on different day. So for example here he learned how to make knots in some five minutes and without screaming his head off that he was not even going to try which is exactly what he would have done to me if I had tried to teach him that.

The grin is super smiley.


Francesca said...

... which is why I get my husband to teach how to tie a knot! :)
a workshop for children located in a theater sounds like a wonderful experience!

Victoria said...

Finally catching up (again) with your posts. It seems like the day has not enough hours right now. Its so nice to see your boy growing strong. My oldest will start school in August, and we are already wondering what this change will bring. He on the other hand is so excited. They grow up so fast! Thankfully our small (only 30 students) local school is nice and the teachers are our neighbours so it wont be that bad. Although I of course worry how he will do. Anyway, a very happy new year to you! Hopefully I will pop by this space a little more often now :)