Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My bunny is six

 Little guy was 6 today. He couldn't wait to be a big boy, what he calls it. He is so greedy, all he cared for were presents! First he said he didn't like the cake and then, after getting presents from daddy and granddaddy he demanded a present from me. "And what from mummy?" It made me quite sad. So I pulled a sweet doggy - a toy, I brought it in in a basket and the toy doggy jumped out of the basket and licked the little guy. He gave it a hug. Then he gave a hug to me. At least, there are still some moments of love.

1st pic - we shopped in a children's theatre little store
2nd pic - a winter hat, leftovers, funny, for whoever will wear like to wear it

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Francesca said...

Happy birthday to D!
I think looking forward to presents when you're 6 isn't about being material - it's about anticipation and surprise, and about being the center of special attention for a day!