Thursday, April 4, 2013

Report on our Easter Holiday

The middle picture, the strange one with a white bulk, it is a snowy hill with spring flowers, hanging upside down from a ceiling in a kid's theatre.
We found a piece that my mum had started weaving on my former kid's loom. Markétka and are trying to finish it but it is hard. Markétka, my niece, makes me happy, she built a cardboard house with her friend for a show and a contest called If I Were an Architect and now she weaves carpets for their little house.
I am a translator again from tomorrow for the next month. Something on symbolism, difficult, interesting, hard. 


Victoria said...

We had a quiet easter. Lots of outside time now that the weather is brighter, although we have so much snow I really wonder if it will all melt by June. Hope you enjoy your month as a translator, my mother does translations too and says she finds it a bit scary and fun at the same time. And your boy is growing so big, how is he liking school? I really don´t know where time goes. My youngest will be 1 year already next week! I haven´t been a good blogger lately, too much going on and too little time. I have basically stopped reading blogs and I write on my own only once in a while. It has felt nice to cut down on the computer time.

Francesca said...

after much agonizing, i just turned down a translation job: a big document on motivational business strategies for very little money.
we too still have snow up the hilltops, can you believe it?!
good luck with your semiotic!

Bohemian girl said...

Work is becoming cheap in Europe, more and more. How much do they pay for translation in Italy, if I can ask?