Friday, March 21, 2008

Reverse painting on glass

The last picture is my mum´s piece. Kind of a tricky technique in which you divide the picture into imaginary vertical planes and you start to paint what is on the very front one. And this way you continue to the furthest back. Might be appealing to try, I don't know what I am waiting for. I like how she actually simplified Klimt so that it is closer to naive art pieces in its rough and bit shaky lines, definitely because it's hard to do when you paint this for the first time, and also because you need to simplify with this technique. I am mentioning naive art because this is where the reverse painting on glass belongs to by its tradition in Central Europe. The first two pictures are examples from Slovakia and another nice example hangs on a tree in an open wild nature of the mountains where my parents live, I am sure it was a sacred tree and it had its reason for the painting to be there. It depicted Virgin Mary and the fact that I don't remember anymore where I saw it, somewhere in the middle of the wilderness, adds to the overall amazing feeling I got from it.

About the technique here and examples here.

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