Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sea Wave / Batiks part II

Sea wave was one of my favorite motifs, I don't know exactly where I took it but I remember myself at the time staring amazed at the mosaics of the basilica of San Marco in Venice, at furniture veneered with gems and rich jewelery composed of precious stones in the nearby museum. The blue and green one definitely has something out of that whereas the one above has more dynamics (in private I call this one a grater). What I like about the marble mosaics in general are crackles which are also natural part of the batik technique resulting from hot wax crackling after it cools and lets the color beneath.
Nice mosaics from Venice are here, here and here.

The scarves look O.K even crumpled up like this but when you tie them round your neck, the effect somewhat disappears, the painting is too large to be wrapped and still be seen. So I decided to design cloths only and make summer dresses out of them. Like I said in the previous entry, the dyes got bad and there it all ended up. Anyway there is a new possibility in natural dyeing which I come across on flickr and blogs all the time. Of course I knew they dye naturally in India and other countries where batik comes from but never had any instructions or idea how to do it. God bless the internet and this blog world.


Merruli said...

I like especially the colours of the red and green scarf. I hope the craft of batik stays fresh and alive, because such nice products can be achieved with it.

Magdaléna said...

I hope as well, but probably not with me. Well, never say never, I have already promised to at least give a look at natural dyeing processes.