Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sea Wave Part II / Knitting after a Batik

This sweater comes from a period of my "slow motion knitting". It was few years ago and I didn't knit so much for different reasons that I don't remember very well now. It took me about a year to finish just this one side. The sleeves never saw the light of the world because it turned out that the beige yarn that I used was quite old and started to fall apart. Or some invisible animal just liked to eat it. Why this needed to happen right with this piece, that not only took lot of work and time but also looked quite nice? Maybe it has an existential meaning and it is a message that everything knitted will turn into dust. Or it is more simple: don't save money and buy a new yarn.

Anyway, I attach a photo with a pattern for this sweater. The most complicated part, in orange and blue I didn't make up myself, it comes from an old Verena magazine from 1989, its timeless. As the title suggests I wanted to make a sweater that would take after my batiks, but I used this other motif and a horizontal lay out because I still wanted it to look like a traditional sweater. Anyone who wants to try to knit it and thus overtake this job that I will probably never finish is welcome to use my pattern.

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Knitting Painter Woman said...

I am so sorry that the dyes (for your batiks) are wishy washy now... your batiks are beautiful. As is your fair isle design here.