Friday, March 14, 2008

We used to have a piano

It was in the way.

Then we made a good use of it, first as a diaper holder, later a toy storage.

It was not ours. So one day it set out on its own life journey. Despite it was old it still had a good way of life in front of it and it was time to move. It left for downstairs and we will keep in touch through our cellphones. Good luck, piano.


Merruli said...

wow, that piano sure left lots of space to be filled with something.
Have you done the doll with ricrac-ribbon hair in the plastic box? She looks like a doll with lots of character, a real nice one.

Magdaléna said...

Yes, yes, to be filled with lot of stuff. It already happened, the shift was more rapid then I ever imagined.
The doll is called Mister Sun alias Master Sun (read SUN) I made it for my son that doesn't care and I have more pictures of it here and some inspiration for the embroidered face came from

Anonymous said...

Dom reminds me of the comic strip character 'Leviathan'