Monday, March 23, 2009

Pillow and a Ram

Psychedelic 1970s pillow, I would call it. In fact, my mum made it much later, but it is not important. She stuffed a heart shaped pillow in this circular crocheted case. I love her. I love her utilitarian style, of course, she didn't go to the store to get these special shades of color, she used whatever she found in the house. She has an eye. There were more funky pillows in our house but I couldn't find them.

Talking about psychedelic 70s, this bedtime story for kids comes to my mind. Yes, for kids. A little ram there meets a sad plant that persuades the ram to have a bite of it so that it wouldn't be so sad anymore and after the ram does it, the plant sets a spell on it. Now, what is going on with the little ram there is a pure droggy experience, however I cannot say from an own experience, which is only a proof how obvious it is. I am sure kids like that part.


Francesca said...

Wow, what kind of bell flowers and what kind of hair spray do you have in you country:)?! (Actually, I couldn't say for sure whether it's a Cezch cartoon)
I like the reuse project, from disused cushion to a new one, all in-house!
PS can you crochet at all?

Bohemian girl said...

It is a Czech cartoon, isn't that hilarious?
I can crochet, I even made a bag, once, long time ago.

Ritva said...

yes,that was hilarious!

i think that in 70s we saw quite a lot of czech cartoons in our tv.

raining sheep said...

I love that pillow. I am old enough to remember such pillows being popular in the seventies... my mom used to call them hippy pillows.

Anonymous said...
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