Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air, so Dominik is getting a sleeveless vest to wear under his jacket. It is only getting ready, few more things and we are ready to take a photo shoot in a full scale.

I made a skirt for myself from this beautiful batik cloth. I only wonder why I hadn't bought enough of it for the whole dress. It could have been such a nice African style dress. It is a real batik, no print, real stuff. Comes from Jo Ann's fabrics, picked personally. Material: cotton, the pattern: Burda design.

This skirt is much smaller. I saw a similar one at the Tiny Happy's blog and just felt like making one myself. My 6 years old niece got it this Christmas, so it waited a while to be displayed here. The pattern is the simplest as you can imagine.


Francesca said...

Those skirts are beautiful, you are some serious seamstress!
I love African fabrics: the large prints, the colors ... but they are difficult to find in Europe. Rosa Pomar sells some gorgeous ones over at Retrosaria.
Did you use a pattern at all for the second skirt?
Happy Spring!

Merruli said...

Your skirt is so pretty. Needles to say that I love the color, but it also has the perfect shape -flared, but not too much. Dominik is going to be one very stylish kid with his new vest, the color combination is so fresh and playful.

Retrosaria, which Francesca already mentioned, sell also Noro yarns. I've ordered once from her and I can recommend her shop, aswell as her blog.

Bohemian girl said...

Thanks for reminding me on Retrosaria. The batik fabrics are cheap and beautiful. Yes, cheap in the first place, I might even order them.
The second skirt is just a plane rectangular gathered at the waist, it didn't need a pattern.
Francesca, I blablad on your comments and I feel silly for that exposure.

Francesca said...

I appreciate your comments because they are always different and truthful. Like ... batik fabrics!
And what happened to your Noro sweater?

raining sheep said...

Beautiful are a great seamstress. I love the batik. I was wearing your beautiful scarf today...I get so many compliments on it and it makes me feel like its spring...even though we have no spring here right now.

Jill said...

beautiful things you're making, as always! makes me think i'd like to try skirt making again. i feel like spring is coming soon too.