Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An old picture

I found this one among hundreds we have made since our lives changed. And it is a completely different one than the others, it is rich, it catches details in an overloaded room, the sun pushing through the window, portrait of me hidden in a shadow, everything hidden in a shadow, even the sun light seems to have a hard time to get inside. It actually gives the room a depth. The tapestry is still on the window. Do you see the baby? And I was still nicely round.


Francesca said...

Your silhuette there looks anything but round! I like the well lived-in room, and especially ... the drying rack!!! Am I not right in associating it with Europe? The drying rack to me is quintessential Europe (or Old World): no electric dryers for us, but damp clothes right in the middle of our living rooms! The European green and cramped way to go.

Jill said...

what a lovely photo! i like all the details and the light...has the look of an old dutch painting to me. and you have a beautiful smile.

Fine Little Day said...

I like the photo too. The details makes it intersting, and the ligth beautiful. I see the baby, behind the ring :)