Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After four weeks or so that I am back from my first holiday, after I got in PhD program and had first (and perhaps last) selling success on Etsy, I am ready to go to Italy again. This time to the complete South, Lecce and Gargano in Puglia. Which is the opposite of where I just came back from - Lago di Garda. The lake was beautiful there. The mountains tremendous. Only the time we stayed was short. Also, the place is quite developed, you meet mostly foreigners there and you get very little of the "Italian feeling".

I liked this construction on the cost in Riva del Garda. It is a former spa or baths on the beach, built up by Gian Carlo Maroni, the same architect who built up the house of Gabriele D'Annunzio, southwards from Riva. The baths, from the 1920s, are closed now, what you see is the furthest you can get. It must have been nice, sunbeds, changing rooms, café, jumping-off tower... How come that it became so dilapidated? Maroni also build a water power station in Riva, it is in similar style as the baths and has a nice architectural iconography - (if I only knew what it is called in English) the very typical parts of power station in the place of columns.
I found an interesting book on him in a local museum. After an hour spent among "not much" exhibition, I finally came to this book in the museum store. I had five minutes to look at it.

I wonder, how much this upcoming trip will be different from the first one. Of course, the crew is changing. To Lago, I dragged my parents, now the real family holiday comes.

I bought Dominik a shirt. (He doesn't like it)


Francesca said...

When are you leaving? I hope you'll enjoy Southern Italy, there's so much to see and do there: spectacular coast and islands, interesting sightseeing, and wonderful food. Have a good family holiday Madga!

christinecho said...

have a good trip
Try to go to Matera( Basilicate) it is one of the nicest places I 've ever seen

Merruli said...

Have a really nice family holiday! I hope you get lots of sunshine and all the best parts of Italy. In my opinion the shirt is great looking, perhaps he'll like it after a while. Well, he sure knows his own style and likings.

Kaylovesvintage said...

enjoy , enjoy......holidays

raining sheep said...

Well going to Italy sounds really good to me. Actually going on holidays sounds really good. Hope you all have a relaxing time. Hopefully the weather will be fantastic. Poor Dominik! It is strange how children take a dislike to something you would not think they would care about. I remember those 'puncochace' that my mom used to make me wear in the Czech Republic when I was little. They were cotton and they used to bunch up and fall down - I hated them.