Friday, June 5, 2009

Play houses and play meals

I haven't made any yet. The first one comes from this notoriously known book on taking care and bringing up children by Penelope Leach. All the pictures there come from the 70s and when I first saw them I though they were pretty odd. But then I started reading blogs and my taste, especially concerning the old clothes, changed. As an example, check out this cute little girl, If I had one, I would make her a dress like that, this short.

Back to the houses. So the first one, my favorite, no aim at design, just a plain box that opens on top. Cut out doors decorated with posters of mummy's favorite rock stars. The second one comes from the Knitting Iris blog that I spotted as the first one at all in my life. It is a table house and since I have seen Dominik few times playing under the table, I have been thinking about it. But I ll probably give it up and just throw a sheet over the table. It will make no difference for him, lets say it clearly.

We have been also playing while cooking. This weird looking dish comes from a cookbook called Happy Cooking with Kids and the meal has a similar prosaic name A Bowl with Feet (upper picture). How to make your kid eat little different food? Veggies and such? Well, I thought that if we make these little feet together and have fun while making them, he will somehow eat the whole dish. Guess, what happened!
By the way, the feet were delicious. (My dad would have asked: Have you washed them?)
The dough is made of flower, soda, butter, grated cheese and sour cream. If anyone interested I will put up a recipe here.
Edited: a recipe
100g of flower and half a spoon of soda mix together with 1 spoon of cold butter, so that the dough creates little crumbles. Add 30 g of grated cheese and 4 spoons of sour cream. Mix with the fork and finish the dough with hands. Mould the dough flat and create feet. Put them in the bowl with steamed veggies and bake in the oven for 25 minutes.


Jeannette said...

Yes please, I would love to have that recipe. Happy feet menu that! ;)Had to giggle about what your father would say about the feet.
Have a wonderful weekend, Jeannette

ticklishfromadistance said...

So, so cute!!!!

Francesca said...

Probably you are right: certain things are more for the adults, or for older children. A toddler won't be fooled by cute feet on his veggies, nor will he care about the decorations on his play house. A play house or a tend made in whichever fashion, though, are a wonderful toy. And you casserole looks very good!

Bohemian girl said...

Francesca, you see? I haven't though of these similarities unless you mentioned them. I only put it together by feeling.

jane said...

love this. i made a whole kitchen out of boxes for my kids. it was the thing they played with most. you´ve brought back old memories...:) besos-jane

gardenmama said...

Lovely post! So much fun : )

Kaylovesvintage said...

happy cool ist that

Victoria said...

i love those feet! I have to remember this recipe :)