Sunday, June 14, 2009


I made this bag, it is in my shop now. I think I reached my embellishing possibilities with this bag, I can't go any further now, otherwise I would slip into the deadwood that dominates etsy from some eighty percent. Anyway, it is still weird enough so that I could stand for it. Next time you can expect more modernist-like stuff from me, simple embroidery, Bauhas and such.

And, if you look for a proper embroidery, classical and nice one, go to Francesca's shop, she knows how to embroider. She also has a pair of stylish bags.


Victoria said...

That bag is beautiful, and I love the color in spite of not being a "pink girl" at all. I'm curious about what will your modernist-like items look like :)

Francesca said...

Magda, thank you for the mention! I really like your bags and this type of embroidery, which was a totally new concept to me, but I'm also looking forward to your new work.
When do you find the time to do your crafts? Have you already started your PhD work?

Bohemian girl said...

Victoria, thanks for the appraisal, the positive respond always helps.

Francesca, my time for the crafts as well as my PhD almost deserves a single blog entry. Embroidery is fine, I do little now little then, this type is actually quite a fast one. Sewing is a trouble. I cannot do it when the little guy sleeps nor when he is around. That leaves very little time to do it at all. And therefore I cannot do much complicated designs. Batik is completely out, only when I visit with my parents, I can mess around with it in their big house.

Now PhD. I passed the entering exam last Friday, they told me right away I am in. That has never happened in my life before, that I would score any exam completely. Perhaps driving license. I have already written about the theme something so that is one of the reasons. I didn't expect it would be so easy, though. Oh, and the theme is the Art collection of the count Stadion, the ideal concept (or something like that). 18th and 19th century. Both exciting and boring at the same time. It has been kind of an excavating venture so far, little detective work as well. Maybe I can blog about it between knitting and cute pictures of the little guy. I wish for us both many sales on Etsy.

raining sheep said...

The bag is great and it does look modern with the beautifully simple fabric and running stitch embroidery. So you might move to the states? Maybe? Wow, that would be a big switch. You know, you might actually enjoy it :) There is lots of great yarn available pretty much everywhere. Keep me posted on any developments....and you are doing your phd? Good grief woman, you will be so busy!!