Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Aunt Has Bunnies

Her courtyard looks exactly the same as it looked when I was a kid and the house belonged to my granny. And it looked exactly the same when my dad was a kid.
It is a farmhouse in the town, also the house itself hasn't changed what I remember. I kind of like it. There is a lot to look at. Both the house and the courtyard are stuffed with things.

We picked currants in their orchard and my mom made a cake.

And I made this pouch or clutch. I had this pretty model, pity that she lives far away. The pouch is on etsy now.


Bonnie said...

what a fun visit !

Merruli said...

The places which don't change from generation to next are the best memory keepers. I'm certain that that kind of places transmit the childhood memories and stories the best possible way from parents to their kids.

Both your model and the pouch are so pretty!

Francesca said...

Things in the country don't tend to change too much, and nothing gets thrown away ever! I really like your currant colored pouch, and the sweet model! Are you back now?

Bohemian girl said...

Yes, I am back.:)

P.K said...

what an enchanting place, it reminds me of my childhood visiting relatives in the country. it is good that some things never change.