Friday, July 10, 2009

Off to the little town

I am packing again. This time we are going to the grandma's. Little town, river bank, stripy duvets in the window, hens clucking in the courtyard, bunnies in a cot, strawberry dumplings for lunch. Well, in reality, our granny lives more like a city women. Never mind. There will be something of the little town atmosphere.
I packed Isaak Babel and Bruno Zevi with me and was happy with the choices of spending my free time. Just before closing the bag I sneaked in few embroidery threads and a piece of linen. Oh well. I have been embroidering little bit too much lately and wanted to turn my thoughts to something else. And this morning, waking up, I imagined something that needs to be worked out.


Victoria said...

Have a nice trip! Looking forward to seeing your crafting when your back :-)

Kaylovesvintage said...

lot's of nice holidays this year,enjoy

Francesca said...

It's nice when projects and ideas pop up just like that! I'm sure Dominik will enjoy the little country town (and the strawberry dumplings!), even if you live like city folks! Have a nice time!

state of bliss said...

mmm... strawberry dumplings... heaven in mouth..

Have a great time xxx