Sunday, July 19, 2009

How I imagined maternity leave

Sculptural rain

I though that my baby would play peacefully and I would sit near and read some nice book. This is how I imagined moments of rest on maternity leave. It doesn't work that way, I don't have to tell you. Kid wants your attention all the time. Reading a book is an incomprehensible activity for him. If I wash dishes or clean, it is something else, he sits near patiently and plays. But staring in a book is a strange concept for him. Why do I stare in a book and not at him?
First I would knit. It worked only for some time. Then he got older and I had to go down on the floor and start playing. And, to my surprise, I enjoyed it. First, painting with brush, doodling like crazy, without any clear idea. Very relaxing. Building blocks. This is a special one, we build odd buildings, towns and spaces. He can feel that I like it and likes it too. Pulls out a box with blocks right after he gets up in the morning.

Slowly, our activities get more demanding. I had to learn how to draw (and paint) "krtek" which is a character of a little mole, and also all of his friends. I had to learn how to conceive them in sculpture media (snail, hedgehog and a squirrel on the picture above). Cut-outs and collages follow.
He picked up how to kick the ball and has become quite good in it. Now I have to run around the playground and pretend the interest in football.

This is all fine as long as he doesn't start to ask me questions as how computer works and such. My husband has been saving an old notebook for him as a play tool. Its time might come sooner then we think.

P.S. We are still at the granny's. He picked up new habits from his older cousins and I learned new things that he likes (running, screaming, ordering - which spans the both categories).


Merruli said...

Having two kids in the house means lots of screaming and running around and also arguing, but sometimes they invent a nice play together and I can read or knit some more minutes.

I hadn't come to think of it, but yes, reading must be very hard to understand for a kid. Reading aloud makes sense, but quiet reading..

Francesca said...

I had imagined spending my maternity leave writing my theses!!! Looks like you're busy doing nice projects together, and screaming and running around with older cousins is just the perfect activity when ... over at granny's:)!

state of bliss said...

I found your post so interesting and inspiring! Now, when Gaia is only six months old, I only play with her on the carpet or she's on her play-mat and I can read or knit or write but I always think how it will be when she's older? Will I find enough activities to entertain her? You give me hope :)

Thank you for sharing :)
Have a wonderful week,

raining sheep said...

Ah yes, he is getting to be a 'boy' now. I have two of them so I know what I am talking about. Tee hee, I remember trying to get my mom to draw me Krtek pictures. Then my boys made me do it when they were little.

Crescent Moon said...

I think small children and cats treat reading the same way. I used to have a cat that would come sit in the middle of the news paper if I spread it out to read. Once my son was old enough to move, he did the exact same thing.