Friday, October 15, 2010

Rockets and Robots

These pictures were taken at the exhibition,  I like that they all have the reflection of whoever was around. It goes well with the theme, which was sort of funny and at the same time creepy, imagination of the future that never happened. Lot of sci-fi stuff and also Russian propaganda about beautiful tomorrows, and, luckily for my kid, many rockets and robots so parents could have a proper look at everything. 


victoria said...

I miss going to exhibitions/cultural things. Out here there is not much going on. Yes I would imagine rockets and robots scored very high with you boy!

raining sheep said...

We have a huge science center here in Calgary. It's a fantastic place. When my boys were little they loved going there as well. I love robots :) Can't wait till we have ones that clean!!

prahalad said...

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